A History of Silence. A Future of Discreet Observations

Discreet Commentary on a Field of Silence.

The field of cyber security consulting was a distinctly different environment 15 years ago. I was surrounded by a community that had been rooted in the hacker culture since before I was born. For many years I worked in the shadows, performing security consulting work and developing capabilities for my clients. As time passed and engagements took on more gravitas and technical complexity, I became increasingly quiet in regards to my work. I had lived by a code, a personal code and ethos. rooted in To be rather than to appear, and to invest in the craft, before talking about it.

Somewhere in the time period of the last 15 years, the world has changed in many interesting and different ways, placing computer security in the forefront of everyone’s mind. Everyone, being both the good and the bad guys. While silence has been a strength for me over the years, I have agreed to vocalize commentary and share the experiences of myself and our team.
The goal of this blog is to share commentary and observations which may be helpful to the industry and our clients.