Consulting Services

With two core consulting practice areas, Aggressive Cybersecurity Assessment and Forensic Investigation & Incident Response, we wanted to share some of our stories and perspectives with others.

The Proactive Identification
Aggressive CyberSecurity Assessment Capabilities

Our consultants understand and comprehensively assess cybersecurity systems to determine threat levels and expose vulnerabilities within each client organization’s networks.
Our Aggressive Cybersecurity Assessment practice offers the following services:

  • Security consulting
  • Web/mobile application testing and software-security assurance.
  • Penetration testing
Forensic investigation & Incident Response

We integrate our digital expertise in incident response, electronic discovery and criminal investigation to respond quickly against hacking, electronic attacks, insider threats and fraud, providing legally defensible evidence.

Our Forensic Investigation & Incident Response practice includes the following services:

  • Forensic investigation
  • Mobile forensics
  • Intelligence
  • Complex security scenarios
  • Insider threats

This blog will cover story over some of these experiences. We may even share stories on OSInt (Open Source Intelligence), product innovation and other stories that have grown the practice and pushed innovation internally and externally for our clients.